What Can I Do If I See Signs Of Termites?

What Can I Do If I See Signs Of Termites?

A structural pest inspection is an important part of buying a new house. It shows the home inspector where there pest is located and also shows what is its activity.

A pest is a bug, spider, or insect. In the US, the most common is the termite. Termites can get in and eat away at your house, costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement. You need to determine what pest control solution you want to use to rid your house of them. There are many options, including termite baits, termite bait stations, station barriers, station barriers (bait), and systemic pesticides which are applied by a pest professional.

Termite infestation wall damageA structural pest inspection is a part of your home buying process. They can cost several hundred dollars. This is a lot cheaper than the alternative and an important sign that the house inspector is knowledgeable and thorough about what is in your house and will not recommend a solution that is worse than the problem.

What do a structural pest inspection and structural pest treatment include?

In depth structural pest assessment. They will inspect and find out what you have inside your home. The structural pest inspector will also check your house for any weak spots or places where termites could get in and create a huge problem for you. They can also check to see if there are any leaks or water stains that you might not know about.

Structural pest treatment. Structural pest treatment is the way a pest company will treat your home once they have done a structural pest assessment. A structural pest treatment does not treat the problem. Instead, it inspects your house and finds any weak spots and fills them with a pest management solution or repellents. The most common structural pest treatment is bait or bait systems or repellents. This means a pesticide is placed in the areas where you have seen the pests and the termites are attracted to.

The first type of structural pest treatment is bait systems. These are the type that is placed beneath the wood deck or siding. The pest gets the bait they need to survive and then they eat the rest. It is a slow, lasting treatment because the bait needs to digest for several weeks before it can kill them. It also does not remove any wood from your home and this can create a problem if a termite nest is found in wood. The other type of structural pest treatment is a station barrier system. The station barrier is installed either above, beneath, or around your home and these are the type you get if you have wood siding or foundation. This system does not treat the wood. Instead, it creates a barrier between the outside and inside of the wood. The barrier will kill pests that come up to inside and it won’t attract others that go inside.

If you are unsure about how you will treat your home or structure, contact a professional for professional advice and work. Professional pest control companies always use state of the art equipment and methods to eliminate your pest issues. If you are just trying to learn how to get rid of termites on your own, then start here. If you have tried to get rid of termites on your own and failed, then you should seek professional help. They are the best in the business and will be able to solve your problem.