pest control for new residential developments in New Smyrna Beach

Pest Risks in New Residential Developments in New Smyrna Beach

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New Smyrna Beach is a charming coastal community that offers beautiful beaches, great fishing, and a relaxed lifestyle. As such, it has seen considerable growth and many new housing developments in recent years. For potential homeowners, these new neighborhoods can seem idyllic. However, any new construction comes with certain pest risks that buyers should be aware of.

As pest control experts with many years of serving Volusia County, we want to provide new residents with the information they need to prevent and control pest issues. New developments undergo significant land clearing and habitat disruption, which can drive certain pest species like rodents directly into nearby homes. The standing water, new landscaping, and gaps in construction also attract a number of pest insects. Homeowners who are informed and proactive can avoid major infestations through preventative care, inspection, and management.

In this article, we will cover the most common pest threats in New Smyrna Beach’s new housing developments, along with tips to help new residents prevent and control them. With proper diligence and awareness, new homeowners can avoid serious pest problems and enjoy their beautiful new coastal homes.

Common Pest Risks in New Developments

cartoon of a mouse and ant standing in front of new home construction site in NSB

The first step is understanding the most likely pests to encounter in new residential developments in the New Smyrna Beach area. The land clearing and construction process inevitably disrupts habitats and food sources, driving these species to seek out nearby homes. The top pests for new homeowners to be aware of include:


Rodents like rats and mice are common pests that can find their way into new homes. Construction often disturbs rodent burrows and food sources, forcing them to survive by entering nearby houses. These pests are drawn by food debris in kitchens and garbage cans. Rodents can also chew on important wiring or insulation, causing fires and property damage. They also spread diseases through contaminated food or droppings.

New Smyrna Beach’s proximity to wetlands provides perfect habitat for marsh rats. Homeowners may spot signs like droppings or greasy rub marks along walls. Plugging gaps with steel wool and sealing food sources is key to keeping rodents out.


Mosquitoes need only small puddles of water to breed. The standing water, irrigation, and drainage issues common at construction sites provide perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. These insects can enter homes through unscreened windows and doors. Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance – they can transmit diseases like West Nile, Zika, and encephalitis.

Termites & Ants

Native subterranean termites thrive in Florida’s warm climate. They tunnel up from the ground to feed on the cellulose in structural wood. New landscaping provides plenty of concealment. Termites cause major structural damage, so early detection is key.

Carpenter ants are also attracted to moisture in new constructions. They excavate wood to form nesting galleries. Ants and termites can both enter through small exterior cracks.

Wildlife Pests

New plantings and cleared lots provide ideal habitat for wildlife like deer, raccoons, squirrels, and birds. These pests can damage gardens, spread disease, and cause noise issues. Fences and repellents may be needed to deter persistent wildlife.

Prevention Tips

New homeowners have several important steps they can take to prevent and control pests in new developments. It’s much easier to exclude pests than to eliminate an infestation once it occurs inside the home. We recommend new residents focus on the following prevention tips:

Careful Inspection

Thoroughly inspecting the home during construction and doing a perimeter check after moving in is crucial. Look for any cracks, holes, moisture issues or other openings that could allow pests to enter. Inspect exterior lines for signs of ant or termite activity. Monitoring for early signs of pests takes diligence but pays off.


Sealing up pest entry points is vital. Install weather stripping around doors and windows and door sweeps along the bottom. Seal cracks in the foundation and exterior with caulk. Steel wool or copper mesh can be used to plug small gaps. Proper exclusion keeps pests firmly outside.

Smart Landscaping

Choosing native, pest-resistant plants reduces appeal for many insects and wildlife. Avoid excessive mulch or wood debris that attract termites. Never pile dead vegetation against the home’s exterior. Prune trees and shrubs to avoid contact with the home.

Moisture Control

manage irrigation schedules to avoid standing water. Direct downspouts and gutters to drain well away from the home’s foundation. Repair any leaks or moisture accumulation issues promptly. Eliminating water sources deters mosquito breeding and other damp-loving pests.

Pest Control Partnership

Consulting a professional pest control company provides expert guidance tailored to new homes. They can provide proactive treatments specific to likely pests in new developments, along with quarterly maintenance. Having a trusted partner ensures issues get resolved promptly if any arise.

Taking a proactive approach focused on exclusion, inspection, and management is the best way for new homeowners to avoid pest headaches. It also provides peace of mind in enjoying your new home.


New residential developments in the charming coastal community of New Smyrna Beach can bring some unique pest risks. The land clearing and construction process disturbs natural habitats, attracting rodents, insects, and wildlife pests to the new homes as they seek food and shelter. However, informed homeowners can take proactive steps to prevent infestations in their new property.

Carefully inspecting for pest entry points, sealing cracks and gaps, installing screens, choosing smart landscaping, and partnering with a pest control professional are proven methods to avoid problems. With proper diligence, new residents can ensure their beautiful new coastal home stays pest-free and safe from damage.

As pest control experts serving New Smyrna Beach for over 15 years, we are happy to provide new homeowners with tips and service plans tailored to protect their home investments. Our preventative treatments and perimeter management programs will keep unwanted pests out of new developments so homeowners can fully enjoy their coastal paradise. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or schedule a consultation!

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